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ULI Washington NEXT Flight 2 Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Lauren Simonetti
Emerging Trends 2021: https://washington.uli.org/events/detail/67632693-F783-4D93-9549-D5735BAC00F3/
Lauren Simonetti
New Member Meet & Greet: https://washington.uli.org/events/detail/540D0956-C5B1-4083-A36E-40F54B2BCAC8/
Lauren Simonetti
Courageous Conversations: The Only One in the Room: https://washington.uli.org/events/detail/60632FA7-C85A-4BB1-8010-8DD1E3870EBC/
Jerry Walters
For Chris, does the close location of the 'for rent' product impact the marketability of the adjacent 'for sale' product in the development?
Jordan Steinfelder
How does return/risk profile compare to single family for sale communities?
Noel Bejarano
Question for Chris / Spencer: Since single family for sale is also strong at the moment, does that put upward pressure on construction resources / pricing and thus affect the rents at which you’ll be able to offer B2R units?
Dan Mazur
How do rents on SFR compare to monthly homeownership costs/standard apartments?
Nandor Mitrocsak
Two questions: 1) When comparing the design of new SFR homes to traditional homes, what key differences should a developer consider (size, typologies, layout, key features, etc.)? 2) For a new SFR community (as Chris elegantly presented), what is the minimum size or critical mass to make it viable (number of units and/or size of property)?
Zachary Williams
what is the minimum land area needed for one of these projects to be successful?